Eggless Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookies are everyone's favorite. Since my boy loves cookies so I usually prepare it at home. As Christmas is nearing so I thought to share this recipe with you guys. This recipe requires very few ingredients and easy to prepare. The chocolaty flavor and crunchiness of cookies are awesome. Can prepare and store in air tight container for weeks.

Eggless Chocolate Muffin

Muffin is something which is loved by everybody. First time I had home made muffin at my co-sister's place, from that time only I wanted to give a try. Few weeks later, I got the recipe with a simple ingredients. Luckily I was having all ingredients at home so I thought to give it a try. Since I was making muffin for first time so I was bit scared, but it turn out perfect without any flaws !!!! After tasting the muffin,  Avi, my better half  said only one word... and that was " WOW". That three letter word was enough to tell how muffin tastes !!!!

Pizza Cup

Few weeks back it was raining heavily so we couldn't go anywhere. Since I was getting bored so thought to try something new, something tasty, something ...... When I made bread cup pizza for first time, then only one question came in mind " Can I make pizza cup using pizza dough?????" Today I got the answer .... YES YES YES..... I was really very happy to see the result :)

Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka is one of the starter which everybody loves. It is a perfect party starter and quite easy to prepare. You can prepare this tikka on gas/stove top also, the only difference is that, the smoky flavor will not come. The smoky flavor in tikka makes them best and almost similar to the one which we get in restaurants.

Stuffed Tandoori Aloo

Stuffed Tandoori Aloo is another starter dish for Aloo lovers with rich tandoori flavors. Initially I was little reluctant in trying this, but I tried this Diwali and  it came out really great. Everyone loved it !

Stuffed Potato Balls

Looking for something different... other than the regular ones... Try Stuffed Potato Ball. It's a tasty tea time snacks item  prepared using boiled potato and paneer, where paneer is used as stuffing.

Bread Cup Pizza

When I was looking for the recipe which can be prepared in less time but taste good then I came across a recipe called Bread Cup Pizza. This is really innovative and tasty and above all can be made in 15-20 mins.