Sandesh is a simple yet tasty dessert which is prepared using paneer. Sandesh is a specialty from  Bengal. I wanted to try it from long time, so thought that Diwali is the best time as this is the festival of lights and sweets. I referred the recipe from blog.


Cooking Time: 25-30 mins
Preparation Time: 5-10 mins


Milk: 1 liter
Lemon juice: 1.5 tbsp
Sugar(powdered): 6-7 tbsp
Pistachios: 1 tbsp(chopped)

  1. Bring 1 liter milk to a boil, then add lemon juice. The milk will start curdling and the water will separate  Keep stirring  until the water completely separates. 
  2. Take it off from heat and strain the paneer in a muslin cloth, rinse under cold water and squeeze well.(This will take remove the sourness of lemon). Now hang it for 1/2 an hr to remove the excess water if any. 
  3. Then add powdered sugar with paneer and grind it a smooth paste.Now transfer this  mixture to a pan/kadai and cook for 8-10 mins.
  4. When the mixture turns dry and thick then transfer this mixture in a bowl. Now knead a dough and make a small ball. Garnish with pistachios.

  • Can add kesar for extra flavor.
  • Don't overcook paneer otherwise you wont be able to make ball from this mixture.

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