I always loved cooking and I am sure everyone loves good food. With amazingrasoi.com I want to share the message that ‘Cooking is simple and Everyone can cook’.

Many times I have shared the recipe with my friends over the phone or by email and sometimes the same recipe has been shared multiple times. So I thought of collating all the recipe at the same place and the blog was the best place to start with.

This blog presents some of the recipes I learned during my early days of cooking, some I learnt from friends, some I learnt from Internet, some I learnt accidentally and some which came out of experimentation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who helped me to keep alive my love of cooking.

As I am from Bihar and my husband from Jharkhand... you will get some  added flavors from these two states.

Your valuable comments are much needed and welcome. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion. Please mail me at vinee@amazingrasoi.com.


  1. All the best!


  2. Bhabhi ....aapse milna hai .......u seem to be very interesting....lvd yr website...keep on adding!!!All the best!!!
    Regards, Iti

    1. Thanks Iti. Kabhi bhi Bangalore milne aa jao :).

  3. Your recipes are mind blowing. I have tried few and it came out very well. All the best.