Christmas Tree Cupcake

Christmas is nearing, so I thought to post something special for Christmas.. As we can't think of Christmas without Christmas Tree and cakes so thought to combine these two and prepare something special which is just perfect for this festive season. Wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!

Hara Chana Masala

In winter season I really miss fresh hara chana which is not available in Bangalore. I miss Hara chana masala which my mom use to make during winter. Since that not possible so I started making with dried version of hara chana, it also tastes good and above all its available through out the year.

Kabuli Chana Pulao

Chana Pulao is a one pot meal which is tasty as well as healthy. Last week I was running out of veggies and tried this dish and everybody liked it. Very few ingredients are required for this dish.

Tandoori Gobhi

Tandoori gobhi is a unique appetizer which taste awesome. This dish is not available everywhere. The marinade used for this dish is some what similar to that of paneer tikka.

Chilli Garlic Babycorn

After getting a awesome response for Chilli garlic Vegetable, I tried that version with baby corn and it turned very well. The crunchiness of baby corn was enhancing  the goodness of this dish.

Aloo Parwal( dry)

Parwal aloo/aloo parwal is a typical North Indian dish. This is one of the veggies which I like a lot. In this post I have shared dry version of Aloo parwal.

Paneer Quesadilla

First time I tasted Quesadilla at Pizza Hut when we were deciding menu for our kid's birthday party. From that day till today whenever I go to Pizza hut I order paneer quesadilla. Last week I prepared it at home and it come out well, so from now onward I can have my favorite Quesadilla at home any time. Drool !!! 

Homemade Tortilla

Tortilla is nothing but a kind of roti which can be prepared with all purpose flour, corn flour or can be prepared with combination of wheat flour and all purpose flour. Here I've shared all purpose flour tortilla recipe. 

Paneer Calzone

Calzone is nothing but a folded pizza and Paneer Calzone is my latest experiment. The typical calzone is stuffed with tomato, mozzarella, and sauce, and may include other ingredients that are normally associated with pizza topping but here I have used all total different stuffing.

Eggless Mini Doughnut

This is the first time I made Doughnut at home. Since my son likes doughnut, so thought to give it a try. After going through many doughnut recipe,I customize it and give it my own version. I tried doughnuts with three different types of glaze.

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer is a very popular Indo-chineese mouth watering paneer delicacy. It can be served as appetizer or as a side dish for fried rice or noddles. Here I'm sharing a dry version of Chilli Paneer.

Review - The Funjabi Tadka, Bangalore

I went to Forum value mall, Whitefield, Bangalore last weekend. There I saw a new restaurant ' The Funjabi Tadka'.  Never heard about that before. So thought of going there sometime. Very soon on a weekday(Thursday) I planned to go there and  taste the north Indian dishes with my family.

Black chana masala

Black chana masala is another version of chole where we use black chana instead of kabuli chana. Black chana masala is my family's all time favorite. It goes well with rice and paratha. I have a very good memories associated with this black chana masala. When I was studying in college and  staying in hostel, the mess of hostel use to serve horrible food. During weekend either we use to go out or cook in our room (which was not allowed). Most of the time I use to cook and the menu use to be black chana masala and rice with the minimal ingredients, so whenever I prepare this dish, it reminds me of my hostel life which I still cherish.

Review - Foodpanda

On weekends we normally go out for Lunch/Dinner, just to have a change in daily routine and to have something different. And for a food blogger like me tasting different foods are always a learning experience.

This weekend we couldn't go anywhere, so thought of ordering something from a nearby restaurant. I heard about through one of my friend, so thought about ordering from there.

Smiley Cookies

These Smiley Cookies have chocolate flavor and simple vanilla flavor. My kid loved it.This recipe requires very few ingredients and easy to prepare. Both the flavor and crunchiness of cookies are awesome. Can prepare and store in air tight container for 1-2 weeks.

Eggless Teddy Cookies

After Checker board cookies,I wanted to bake cookies with a twist. Last weekend I was sitting with my son who was reading some book and there was a picture of a teddy cookies, then suddenly he said mumma I want teddy cookies. Since I wanted to bake cookies so I said ok. In this recipe I have combined chocolate and vanilla taste together. 

Mushroom and Paneer Seekh Kabab

Kabab is the famous starter/appetizer, but for vegetarian the option is very limited. Few weeks back I prepared this kabab at home and it turn out good,but some how I forget to post the recipe. Yesterday when I was going through the post, I was quite surprise to see this recipe in draft.

Veg American chopsuey

American Chopsuey is a Indo-Chinese dish where crispy fried noodles are served with Chinese style sauce. I like chopsuey a lot specially prepared by Avi as veg version of this dish is not very much popular. I simply love the way he prepares it. Last week  when he was preparing, I asked him to take the pics of steps so that I can post this recipe.

Matar Paneer Biryani

I'm sure everyone must have tasted matar paneer as main course gravy but you must have not tasted in form of biryani !! Yes you read it form of biryani...Matar Paneer Biryani !!!Matar Paneer Biryani is tasty twist to the authentic Biryani. 

Eggless Chocolate chip Cupcake

Chocolate chip Cupcake is the another version of cupcakes. In this recipe I have just added the chocolate chips in vanilla flavor cupcake.

Eggless Tutti Frutti Cookies

Last week when I was shopping in nearby super market suddenly I saw tutti frutti, which I was looking form last few weeks to make a tutti frutti cookies. After reaching home, first thing which I did was baking these cookies. 

Green Peas Masala

Green Peas Masala is a dish which can be prepared in no time with very few ingredients. It taste awesome when prepared with fresh peas but can also prepared with frozen one.

Soya Chunks Manchurian

Soya chunks Manchurian is new twist to our very own Indo-Chinese dish. It is healthy yet tasty.

Chilli Garlic Vegetable

Chilli Garlic Vegetable is a Indo-Chinese starter/appetizers where crispy fried veggies are cooked in Manchurian style.

Baby corn with mushroom and paneer

Baby corn, paneer and mushroom are combined to make a gravy. The gravy of this dish is somewhat similar to paneer gravy.

Mushroom Pulao

Mushroom Pulao is one pot meal which requires very few ingredients. Since Avi is a mushroom lover so I keep experimenting with mushroom and this time it was mushroom pulao. 

Garlic Baby Patato

Garlic Baby Potato is very simple dish which can be prepared in lesser time and required only few ingredients. Last week when I was running out of time then I prepared it. This can compliment any meal.

Mushroom Tikka Masala

Hey ...Guys.. I'm here again with another Mushroom dish..Mushroom Tikka Masala. I tried this dish few days back as my mother in-law was here and she likes mushroom. 

Paneer Lababdar

Yaah again...What to do ??? I just cant help myself..I'm in love...I'm in love with paneer.. so here again another paneer dish..Paneer Lababdar !!!

Garlic roll

Few days back I tried stuffed bun and it was big hit. Since I'm a huge garlic bread lover so after gaining confidence I tried garlic roll.

Aloo Dum

Aloo Dum is very popular at my place. I don't think there is anyone who don't like potato, and whoever likes potato will be having aloo dum in his/her favorite list. I have tried many version of aloo dum but I like the version which I'm sharing here. I made this last weekend only when friends came to my place over lunch.

Flower Butter Cookies

Cookies are every one's favorite. Since my boy loves cookies so I usually prepare it at home. This Cookie recipe requires very few ingredients and easy to prepare and crunchiness of these cookies are awesome. Can prepare and store in air tight container for weeks.

Mushroom Biryani

When I prepared Paneer Ball Biryani Avi asked me to prepare mushroom biryani so from that day I was planning to make mushroom biryani but last week finally I prepared it. 

Cheesy Paneer Tikka


Paneer is something which I love exploring in my kitchen. I also belong to paneer lover group. In this recipe, the combination of paneer and cheese gives a unique taste..

Paneer-Veg Cutlet

Cutlet is a very popular snack item which can be served as an appetizer or as HI tea snack. It is great option for small parties and get together as you can make the pre-preparation and freeze/refrigerate. I have amazing memories associated with these cutlet from my college life. Whenever we use to travel by train, I use to eat those cutlet which we get in train. 

Stuffed Bun

Avi used to have these buns for his breakfast when he was bachelor. I tried them recently in local bakery shop  when went to drop my son to his play school and liked it a lot. In initial days of blogging I read somewhere that from pizza dough we can make buns, so after tasting stuffed bun I thought to give it a try and was really happy with the outcome!!!

Paneer Makhani

In my  blog there are various paneer recipes  as paneer is one of my favorite and can be found in my weekly menu and I also make sure to  include one paneer item in my menu when we have guests over. Today I'm posting Paneer Makhani, which  is one of the famous North Indian paneer gravy. The soft paneer in creamy  gravy goes well with any bread such as Naan, Kulcha, Roti or even with any rice items.

Paneer Ball Biryani

Paneer Ball Biryani is tasty twist to the authentic Biryani. Few months back I prepared paneer ball pulao which was loved by all, so this time I thought to try out in form of biryani and amazingly it turn into a quite tasty dish.

Jhal Muri

Jhal Muri is one of the famous street food in Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. It's spicy and chatpata evening snacks which can be prepared in no time.

Chinese Veg Fried Rice

Chinese Veg Fried Rice is an Indo-Chinese rice preparation where rice is cooked separately and then mixed with fried veggies.

Mixed Vegetable Raita

Raita is always handy and easy to prepare. It goes well with any kind of rice and paratha. Here in Mix veg Rita, chopped veggies are mixed with yogurt to make a raita ...

Chole/Chana Biryani

Chana/chole Biryani!! Yes you read it right....Chana/chole Biryani !!! After long gap I'm posting some rice item and that too Biryani...One of the popular rice preparation. Combination of rice and chana/chole  in form of biryani gives a unique taste. 

Dhingri Matar ( Mushroom With Peas )

Dhingri Matar, Matar khumb or Mushroom Peas are the different name of this dish but as far as taste is concern, its always finger licking, inviting and very delicious. Mushroom will always be there in my fridge as Avi likes Mushroom alot. Yesterday I was running out of veggies, only mushroom and peas were there so I thought to try Dhingri Matar in restaurant style. The outcome was almost similar. I'm saying almost because I did not add cream, if you'll add cream then it will taste same as what you get in restaurant.

Palak Paneer Kofta

Palak Paneer Kofta is delicious, healthy and can be prepared in less time. The gravy of this dish is some what similar to Malai Kofta gravy. Its great to serve these Kofta Balls as starters. 

Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Mousse

This recipe is for chocolate lovers who wants to try chocolate in different forms.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is one of the popular street food and loved by all age group. Since its raining here and I was carving for some good street food so I thought of making Pav Bhaji.

Badam/Almond Kheer

Since this is my 100th post :) so I wanted to post something sweet. I had heard about Badam/almond kheer from one of my friend but don't know why I never tried. Since this post is special so I thought Badam Kheer would be good choice. This is very rich and inviting dessert which can be prepared with less effort.

Aloo Paratha

Aloo paratha doesn't need any introduction/description. I don't think there is anybody who don't know what aloo paratha is !!! Even my lil son likes aloo paratha. This version of Aloo Paratha is totally my style.

Aloo Bhindi Masala

When Aloo and Bhindi are prepare together, they taste awesome. Aloo bhindi is very easy to prepare and goes well with roti or paratha. Earlier I was not sure about the taste as my mom never prepared this at home but when I prepared it  for first time I was quite puzzled that why am never tried this super easy and tasty dish.

Lachha Paratha

The layers and crispiness of lachha paratha makes it different from other paratha. It is quit tricky to make make but taste delicious. When I was making lachha paratha for first time, I was not very sure about how it will come out, but  it came out with perfect layer and crispiness. Now at home it is made very often and everyone likes it.